Paper Star Tutorial

Paper Star Tutorial Step by Step | Paper Star craft for kids

Paper star tutorial is very popular among children. Most of the people play with paper star at their childhood. Most of the children love this craft. However, among them many does not know how to make a paper star. I am afraid to say that it’s a very easy to make. Today I will show how to make paper star in easy and effective way. So just relax and ready to go. Not to worry I will show you the technique of making paper star in easy and quick way. Just follow some simple steps showing below. I have attached a video at the end of the tutorial that will make your work easy. So what’s for late? Let’s begin the tutorial.

Things You Need

  1. Color Paper
  2. Scissor
  3. A pencil

Paper Star Tutorial

Step 01 : Paper Preparation for this Paper Star

At first take a piece of color paper. You can use different color of papers. The more color you use in making a paper star, the more beautiful it will look like. Make a rectangular shape using a sharp scissor. Mark it as like the picture below with a pencil.
Star with paper

Step 02: Marking

Fold along the middle line showing in the first step. Then again fold the ‍Bottom part of the paper, make half fold it again. Do as like the picture below.
star with paper 2

Step 03: Folding for preparing Paper Star parts

Flip the paper and fold paper from corner. Shape will be like the picture below.

Step 04: Folding

Flip the paper again following the dot line. Along the dot line (—-) fold the paper.

Step 05: Finalizing

After doing all these steps paper’s final shape will be like the picture below. Now it is ready to make a paper star.

Step 06: Making many parts for Paper Star

Make at least 8 pieces of sample paper following the above 5 steps. You can use different color paper for making paper star body. If you use various color in making your star it will be look very beautiful.

Step 07: Connecting

After completing to make paper star body, now its time to join them. Join them in a color pattern which will look good. Put the green shape into the red shape like this. Now see dot line carefully.

Step 08: Locking between shapes

Fold the tail part of red share and place it into the green shape. This folding work as a lock between two shapes.

Step 09: Final Preparation

After connecting 8 shape you can see the final shape of your paper star as like below image.

Step 10: Enjoying

Finally flip the body and see as like below.

I hope you enjoyed the paper star tutorial. I know you cannot make a beautiful paper star in your first attempt. For making a perfect paper star I have to practice for several times. So just start trying to make by yourself. You may have heard a proverb “Practice makes a man perfect’. So try for several times. I believe you will be able to make better paper star than me.

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