Paper Pinwheel DIY

Paper Pinwheel DIY Making Instruction for your kids

Paper Pinwheel DIY or Paper Windmill or toy propeller is very attractive to children. It spin with gentle breeze. You may not find any kid who never play with a paper windmill. I am also played with paper windmill at my childhood. As my parents were not rich so they have very little money to spend for our entertainment purpose. I realized that matter at my early age. So I decided to build paper windmill with my own. Slowly I become master in making paper windmill.

I used to make paper windmill for my friends as well. They love my paper windmill. So I decided to teach them how to create paper windmill. Finally I begun to make paper windmill for selling purpose. Today I am going to describe how to make Paper Pinwheel DIY. This is very simple. I will to try to share easiest way using video and image. OK ! Lets Start.

How to make Paper Pinwheel DIY

Things You need

  • Color Paper
  • Scissor/Anti Cutter
  • Pencil
  • Scale
  • Glue
  • A piece of Electric Wire

Step 1
At First take a piece of color paper. Make the paper in rectangle shape using scale and Scissor/anti cutter. Paper size may vary depends on your windmill size. If you want to build a big one then you must take a big paper. Otherwise paper size can be 15cm X 15 cm.

Step 2
After cutting paper in rectangular shape fold the paper from both corner. I indicated here using dot line. If you don’t want to fold the paper then you can use pencil to draw the line showing the picture below.

Step 3
Mark the paper with some dot using pencil from the papers each corner. As I took 15 cm paper so I marked here 7 cm from each corner. This marking is very important to make Paper Pinwheel DIY because if you mark randomly then your propeller can be carved. so maintain proper ratio. Basically mark would be below one forth from the length from one corner to another.

Step 4
Cut through the marking point from each corner and fold it like the shape below. Finally attached with each other with glue.

Step 5
Make a round shape paper using scissor and attach the paper tip on the center of the Paper Pinwheel DIY. Now your paper windmill wheel is ready. Its time to make a holder.

Finalization steps

Step 6
Now make a roll with a piece of paper to use as a handle/ propeller holder. Make another roll for further use. Take 3 to 4 inch steel/ electric wire , bent it one side as like below picture.

Step 7
Insert the wire into the propeller with paper roll. Follow step 8.

Step 8
Insert paper roll into the wire carefully. You can see the video for better understand.

Step 9
Winding the wire with the propeller holder as like below picture.

So how was the tutorial. For better understand you can watch the video below. I hope after following my steps and watching video you can make paper windmill easily. Just you need to try for sometime. You can make amazed you kith and kin by giving them such beautiful craft. However, A small gift can be precious to your nearest. Make one by yourself and give them as a gift for special purpose. I believe He or she will be amazed.

For better understanding i suggest you must watch the video. I believe Paper Pinwheel DIY is very easy to built. Please do not forget to subscribe our youtube channel and share this post with your friends in facebook or any other social media. Thank you

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Watch Video Tutorial

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