Paper Dahlia Flower

Paper Dahlia Flower Making Step by Step To Decorate Your Home

Paper Dahlia Flower is very beautiful to see. Make things with paper is fun. I love to make craft like flower with paper.  I can make everything with paper. But flower is the most attractive to me. It’s like a game to me playing with paper and scissor. On the other hand I use this craft to decorate my house. It’s beautiful as well as cost friendly. All my friends and neighbors praise profusely of my paper craft. Today I am going to show you how to make Dahlia flower with paper. You can use it as a home decorative items. Making procedure is very easy. Just follow some simple steps as I shown below. You can use different colored paper to make it. At the end I have attached a video for your better understanding. So lets start:

Things You need

  1. Color Paper
  2. Anti Cutter
  3. Glue
  4. A piece of hard paper.

How to Make Paper Dahlia Flower

Step 1
At first you have to take a piece of A4 size paper. You can chose different color of paper according to your choice. After that cut down the paper into small square shape pieces. Use sharp anti cutter to this task.   You can cut a A4 size paper into 16 pieces or more or less, its your decision. But one thing keep your mind that every piece of paper must be in square shape otherwise you can not round them in good shape.

Step 2
Among those small piece of paper take one and fold it from the middle. Then bend it from one corner along the middle. See the picture below.

Step 3
Fold the paper from the corner and try to make it like a birth day cap. See the picture

Step 4
After making cup, attached its corner with glue.

Step 5
Shape will be like below picture. Now your little  cap are ready to attach.

Step 6
Following above steps make many pieces of birthday cap shape paper craft.

Finalization steps

Step 7
You can use different color according to you choice. Here I used three color paper. The more color you use the more beautiful it looks. After making all cap take a piece of hard paper. It should be round in shape otherwise Paper Dahlia Flower will not be round.

Step 8
After making all caps and collecting hard paper its time to attach them to give a shape of flower.  Attache all colorful caps on the hard paper with glue. Please follow the below picture.

Step 9
After attaching all cap on the hard paper you can see a nice flower which is Paper Dahlia Wreath. If you have any confusion please watch the below video.

So friends how was the tutorial? I try to represent all steps in details with picture. I hope now you can able to make one by yourself. Even then if you have any confusion watch the video given below. After watching video i think you can make a paper dahila easily. If you need any assistance of us please let us know by commenting below. We will try our best to support you.

No more today. We will come back with new authentic paper craft for you. You can search through our site for other beautiful craft. Here you will find unique craft which you do not find. If you like our tutorial don’t forget to share with your friends and family. Because sharing with friends and family is fun. Your support is our inspiration. Thus keep supporting us.

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Watch Video Tutorial

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