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Paper Bow Making Instruction for your Gift Box | Origami Bow

Paper bow is a very beautiful item for a gift. you can use it on a gift box to make the box very attractive. This bow is not very expensive . Only you need a piece of color paper. Anyway, in different occasions somebody give a gift to their beloved one. On that case , if you attached a bow on the gift, it would be awesome. In the last tutorial we tried to make Pen holder using paper. Today we are going to share our idea about easy paper bow step by step.

Things You Need

  1. Color Paper
  2. Glue

Paper Bow Instruction Step by step

Step 01
At first you need to take a piece of color paper to make paper bow for a gift item. Cut the paper through the length. like the below shape. We need total 10 small pieces of paper. Four pieces is long, four pieces of shorter than before. another two pieces are like below.

Step 02
Join the paper’s two ends with glue to make a paper ring. Then , through the middle lien you have to join it again like below. We can say it looks lie number “8”.

Step 03
Make total nine pieces of ring like below. You can make more if you want.

Step 04
Attached these shape with each other using glue. That is all.
easy paper bow

Firstly we said that , it is very easy to make. Only four steps you need to follow. You can use ribbon in these case, Or you can use different colored paper. Which color would be beet it depends on the gift box color. Paper bow is always favorite to somebody. They try to use it on different items if they get chance. No more today. Just stay with us.

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