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Origami Pencil Holder Instructions | Paper Pencil Holder

Origami Pencil Holder is the most attractive paper craft to all. . Everybody likes pencil holder to hold their pen, pencil, scale etc. Today I would like to teach you how to make pen or pencil holder/container or case using paper. You know that paper craft is always very easy. Origami Pencil Holder is also very easy. Just follow our step by step instruction or watch our video tutorial you can do it.

Things you need

  1. Tow pieces of Color paper ( 21cmX21cm and 5.5cmX10cm )
  2. Glue or gum.
  3. A hard paper.

How to Make Beautiful Origami Pencil Holder

Step 1

At first you have to take two pieces of paper. one squire paper size is 21cm X 21 cm and another one is 5.5cmX19 cm.

Step 2
See the blow picture carefully, you can see black line and dot line in the steps 2 . Black line indicated face side folding instruction and dot line for back site folding instruction. To make a perfect paper pen holder you have to follow the instruction very carefully.

Step 3
After folding face side through black line shape will be like below picture.

Step 4
Turn over the paper and fold it following below black line.

Step 5
After folding you can see the shape as like below image.

Step 6
See the step no 5 carefully and make concentrate below and top part. Insert the below part into the top part. Finally , before fully closing you have to place another color paper into the shape. You will see your shape as like step 6.

Step 7
You need to make this types of shape six pieces.

Step 8
Attached these shapes with glue with each other. Cut a hard paper as like hexagon shape and attached it bottom the pen holder. That is all.

Now you can say this tutorial is very easy. You can use multi color paper to make Origami Pencil Holder. Color selection depends on your choice. No more today. Stay with us.

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Watch Video Tutorial

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