Origami Envelope

Origami Envelope Making Instruction Step By Step

Origami Envelope is the most attractive to young generation. Origami Envelope can be use for letter fold or an real envelope to store coupons or anything. Later, write a letter or note to someone, insert this into the envelope and give it them. That will be great I thing. Here I try to show how to make an Origami Envelope easily. You can see three picture and eleven steps. In my last article I tried to show how to make Origami Rabbit with paper. Today see the below instruction how to make envelope with paper.

Things You Need

  1. Color Paper
  2. Glue
  3. Scissor

How To Make Origami Envelope

Step 1, 2, 3 & 4

At first you need a squire paper. You can make it squire from A4 size paper. Make a fold through the half. Open it and fold it again from that half portion. Finally fold it again. That is, you will get three mark ling. You will be very clear after seeing the below picture.

Step 5, 6, 7 & 8

After step 4 you will get a shape like 5 no image. Now that the paper and fold it from the both right corner.Then, fold the paper as like 7 number picture. However, see the bottom part and fold it from the both corner like the picture.

Step 9,10 & 11

You will get a mark line in the bottom part. Fold the paper like below image and inset it into the top part. For decorative purpose you need another color paper. Take a red or any color paper and cut it like hart. You can cut it as your wish. Now, attached the cutting paper on the Origami Envelope.

Anyway, this is very simple to make Origami Envelope I think. If you have any confusion you can see the below video tutorial. Make the envelope and write something on a paper insert into the envelope and set to your lovely friends.

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Video Tutorial

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