Origami Bird instructions

Origami Bird instructions | Origami Bird Easy Tutorial for kids

Origami Bird instructions mainly for a kid. Origami is a Japanese culture of making things by folding paper. The Japanese people used to hold this culture for many years. With the flow of time this art has spread all over the world and become popular art craft. However in our country recently origami is becoming popular day by day. So i thought why not make something with origami art.

Origami Bird is the most popular among all craft. Therefore, i am going to make one. This is very easy to make. Only you need a piece of square paper. Just follow our instruction or watch our video, you can lean it very quickly. Lets start .

Things You Need

  1. Paper

Origami Bird instructions

Step 1
In this Origami Bird instructions you need a piece of A4 size paper. After that cut the paper into squire shape.
Step 2
Fold the paper in the middle . I indicated here by a dot line in the picture step 1. Flip the paper and fold the paper as like picture step 2.
Step 3
Again flip the paper and fold it ( image steps 3 )
Step 4
Fold the paper as like steps 4 image.

Step 5
Turn over it and fold as like step 5.

Step 6
Follow the step 6 picture. This is like step 5. But this folding from another corner.
Step 7
After folding you can see the image steps 7.
Step 8
In the step 7 you can see a dot line. Fold the paper into the dot line. Shape will be like steps 8 picture.
Step 9
Insert the one corner into the below part. You will better understand apter seeing our video.
Step 10
Finally fold the end of the paper to make birds lips and let. After finishing our all of the steps you can find a beautiful paper bird . This bird looks like a beautiful Pigeons.

At the end of this article I can say that, this Origami Bird instructions is very easy. Everybody can do it very easily. If you have any question please do not forget to comment us. Share the post with your friend who is interested about paper craft.

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