Lavender Paper Flowers

Lavender Paper Flowers Making Procedure Step by Step Tutorial

Lavender Paper Flowers is a home decorative paper craft item. It is very attractive and beautiful. You can easily use it to decorate your room. Making cost is also very low. Today I am going to describe how to make this flower. This is very simple and easy. Just follow my step by step tutorial, you can make it very easily. In the last post I described how to make Paper Bird . Today is the new paper craft. Lets start, follow our instruction.

Things you Need

  1. Color Paper
  2. Scissor
  3. Glue

Lavender Paper Flowers Step by Step

Step 1
At first you have to take three to pieces of color paper to make lavender paper flowers. One for Flower’s petals, second is for Flowers leaves and third one is for branch of flower. Now see the red paper , you can find a dot line. just fold the paper through the dot line.

Step 2
Cut the red paper like below picture. Small pieces of green paper cut like below shape for leaves. With the another green paper make roll.

Step 3
Attached the read paper on the green roll using glue. Finally attached green leaves below the red paper as like a flower.

Lavender Paper Flowers is very attractive if you can make perfectly. Try to use different color paper to make it more gorgeous. If you have any question regarding making procedure just make a comment, I will try to solve you.

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