Kusudama Flower instructions

Kusudama Flower instructions Step by Step | Kusudama Flower Origami

Kusudama Flower instructions is very easy to make. It  is very beautiful, attractive and amazing. Somebody says that , it is very difficult to make with paper. But I want to say this is very simple, if you follow my step by step instruction.You need only five to eight pieces of paper.

Things You Need

  1. Square color Paper 8 Pieces.
  2. Glue

Kusudama Flower instructions Step by Step

Step 01
In the first step of Kusudama Flower instructions you need eight pieces of color paper. You can cut a piece of A4 size paper into 4 pieces. Anyway, See the hidden line of the left paper. Now fold the paper into triangle shape by folding bottom and top corner.

Step 02
Now fold the paper into diamond shape by folding left and right corner to the top.

Step 03
Fold the paper again from top to left and right side. You can see the below picture (Step 03)

Step 04
Unfold the paper and insert a figure to the pocket of the flap. And the squash down like below image.

Step 05
Now you can see the three head of the paper. Fold left and right corner to the inside. Please follow the step no 05.

Step 06
Fold the left and right corner again. You can see as like below shape. That is it has become diamond shape again.

Step 07
Our making procedure is almost finished. See the below picture carefully, You can A and B Letter. Attached with glue with each other. After attaching with glue you can see the shape as like below.

Step 08
Make five to eight pieces of shape like this.

Step 08
Finally attached with each other with glue. Now Kusudama Flower instructions says that it is ready to enjoy.

I wish you have enjoyed Kusudama Flower instructions very well. Take a paper and start to make it. No more today, always stay with us to get more tutorial.

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