Easy Origami Rose

Easy Origami Rose | How To Make An Origami Rose Easy

Easy origami rose flower is one of the beautiful paper craft we know. Here I will give you an instruction about How To Make An Origami Rose Easy . Anyway, everybody loves to make it. But most of all does not know how to make this flower. Because they do not have proper instruction about rose making tutorial. So, today I am going to show how to make easy origami rose flower. In this tutorial you can learn how to make one rose, but if you want you can make a bouquet.Only, Just add some stems and leaves with the flower. Make more and group them together. Moreover, if you want to see video tutorial, go to my youtube channel and enjoy. See the right sidebar, click on the banner to go to my channel. However, lets start.

Things You Need.

  1. 3 pieces square Color paper
  2. A thin stick or rod
  3. Glue
  4. Scissor

How to Make Easy Origami Rose

Step 01
First of all, you need to take three pieces of color paper.

Step 02
Fold the paper as like below picture.

Step 03
Fold it again through the middle line.

Step 04
Similarly, Fold it again.

Easy Origami Rose

Step 05
Furthermore, Keep three pieces of folded paper on the table.

Step 06
Now, draw a half circle on the paper using pencil as like below.

Step 07
Now, See the margin carefully and cut through the line using scissor.  At the bottom you need to cut slightly as like picture.

Step 08
Afterward, Open three pieces of folded paper. You can see a shape like flower. This shape has divides into eight part.

Easy Origami Rose

Step 09
In the first shape you need to cut with scissor single part. In the same way, second shape double paper and third three parts. Please see the below picture.

Step 10
However, attach with glue one part to another part.

Step 11
In addition, after joining all pieces you can find five pieces of new shape. Which is look like a flower petal.

Step 12
Furthermore, take a stick or a thin road. Now take a new flower petal. Bent over the shape and curve the side of the shape. Please see the picture carefully.

How to Group Together

Step 13
Now in this step you need to group together. Grouping will be large shape to small shape. As a result you will get a fine shape.

Step 14
Finally, you can see a beautiful easy origami rose flower.

Easy Origami Rose

Of course, easy Origami Rose is very beautiful and attractive. Also, Making procedure is very easy. So, you can easily use it to decorate your home. Also, you can give it to your beloved one as a symbol of love too.In my opinion, I have an idea for you, just make 5 pieces of easy origami rose with stems and leaves. Afterward, keep them into a pencil holder together. Also, keep this arrangement on your reading table.Therefore, no more today. Take paper and start to make. If you have any question you can ask me in the comment section below.

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Easy Origami Rose

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